Risk Management

With Torstone RiskMine cloud-based modular platform you can handle the daily risk requirements and regulatory scrutiny within Capital Markets firms. It is designed and built with transparency and data governance as its core philosophy. By automating as much as possible in the daily activity of Risk Managers, our solution frees you from the hassles of managing multiple sources of risk exposures, giving you easy access to the vast amount of risk data you need to analyse on a daily basis.

RiskMine seamlessly integrates with other Torstone solutions, sharing high quality transaction and reference data, which is reconciled between books and records and risk management views of the business, which is of key importance to regulators.

It effortlessly scales to the needs of multiple desks across multiple global locations. A tried and tested platform comprised of modular components to tackle the complex needs of Risk Management in today’s capital markets.




Torstone RiskMine Canary is next generation risk intelligence platform which provides real-time streaming and on-demand risk analytics for Front Office and Risk teams in capital markets firms. Instantly search, slice/dice and drill into P&L and official market and credit risk. Tap into real-time risk for positions and perform any real-time aggregations. It will provide a centralised risk data store as a foundation for machine learning, intelligence and notifications for a wide variety of Risk Management use cases.


Risk data computed, collected and enriched by Torstone RiskMine Cube is provided to end users for risk reporting via in-memory multidimensional cubes. Risk reporting and interactive analysis can be done via familiar Excel pivot tables, which provides users with native drag-and-drop abilities to answer ad-hoc risk questions instantaneously.

Users can use Excel or other reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI or Reporting Services, Pyramid Analytics, Tableau or QlikView to create interactive high-level dashboards or perform in-depth analysis right down to the most granular level. The OLAP cubes are designed to store as much history as required by the business, with data and dimensions that deliver the analysis needed.


Time Series Management for risk calculations that requires a lot of market data from many different sources, both internal and external. Managing the required data can become a tedious and complex task, often done manually by risk management teams. Torstone RiskMine Chronos is designed to manage all types of time series data with APIs for easy integration.

Automated collection and sophisticated cleaning algorithms, with built-in connectors for multiple data vendors, Chronos will centralise all market data for risk creating a single source of truth. Central data provides canonical identifiers and consistent data across all risk reports.

Scenarios and Wildfire

Torstone RiskMine Scenarios and Wildfire provide a modular and federated framework for scenario computation, delivering internal and regulatory stress tests for many use cases and scaling with business requirements.


The new Minimum Capital Requirements for Market Risk (d352) that resulted from the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB – BCBS 265) at the start of 2016 have set a high bar for banks’ risk management processes and the infrastructure that supports them. Even the simpler Standardised Approach places major demands on firms in areas such as data quality, firm-wide aggregation and sensitivity calculations.

With Torstone RiskMine FRTB solutions, our flexible, scalable approach to Risk Technology is applied to the challenges of FRTB – not just meeting today’s requirements, but providing a platform to meet future requirements. RiskMine software has evolved over more than a decade to keep pace with complex, changing demands from regulators and day-to-day risk management. With RiskMine FRTB solutions, our flexible, scalable approach to Risk Technology is applied to the challenges of FRTB – not just meeting today’s requirements, but providing a platform to meet future requirements.

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