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The Torstone Platform is your all-in-one post-trade solution. With our solution, you can consolidate your P&L with information from many sources, which can then be broken down in different ways. You can generate many types of trade confirmations including OASYS/CTM, MBA, email, fax, PDF, paper and SWIFT: the Torstone Platform monitors and allocates cost of carry, giving you a more accurate analysis at a detailed level. It can also generate OTC confirmation, provide confirmation tracking and—together with an interface to DTCC—help streamline your workflows for quick problem resolution.



For each product type and counterparty combination, the Torstone Platform automatically determines the type of confirmation and the proper delivery mechanism. For equity and bond trades, The Platform can generate printed trade confirmations, or send automatic confirmations to the client via email or fax. You can also send block and allocation confirmations via CTM and MT300 confirmations via the SWIFT network.

The Torstone Platform has a robust workflow system for derivative transactions, with the ability to attach e-mails and documents, and e-signing abilities for the final confirmation. You can also upload statuses from matching systems such as DTCC.


The Torstone Platform automatically calculates the cost-of-carry for your business, based on the adjusted positions in the consolidated P&L, and incorporates this cost into your management reports. These cost-of-carry amounts can then be fed back into the trading systems if required.


The Torstone Platform gives you a full suite of financial reports in a full double-entry, multi-currency, multi-entity sub-ledger environment. You can automate the bulk of your entries through the Platform’s configurable posting rules, and create manual journals to capture transactions not generated by trades. The Torstone Platform end-of-day process automatically creates unrealised P&L, accrued interest, reclassification and FX postings without interrupting the processing of trades. Best of all, the data you need at ANY time is available in REAL time. The Platform’s unique balance calculation engine gives you the flexibility to generate reports at any level,for any combination of input and period date. Full drill down functionality from a balance to the transactions is also a standard feature.

Collateral Management

The Torstone Platform models the terms of a CSA and then uses these terms together with the data it already has about positions and cash to calculate collateral calls and to warn when a call is expected. At any time, a user can generate a collateral calculation statement that can then be sent to the counterparty to make a margin call.

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