Torstone Inferno gives you more control over the entire trade capture process. It handles the trade capture of the majority of Compliance products—including loans/deposits, stock borrows/loans and their returns, repos and FX—while providing you with data and event handling for every part of the trade lifecycle. Best of all, you can send all this data back to your front office systems so that traders can see their true P&L, including funding costs.


Regulatory Compliance

With Inferno, you can provide transaction reporting to Approved Reporting Mechanisms including Unavista and Abide: incoming statuses are recorded against the trade that generated the report. Inferno also gives you access to a suite of reports with the relevant data to meet capital and liquidity reporting requirements, including Basel III. With Inferno, you get hundreds of internal reports right out of the box, enabling Management to analyse and question all aspects of their business.


Inferno comes with three reconciliation engines, tailored to the reconciliation of cash, positions and trades. Simply load your data into the reconcilers (from Swift messages and other sources) and configure the reconciliation engine with rules to automatically match transactions: any remaining breaks are aged and assigned to users. Inferno’s user-friendly screens display breaks and allow the recording of any investigations undertaken. And you can configure tolerances for each reconciliation and create write-offs automatically.

Data Management

Inferno is powerful enough to be your organisation’s central data repository and act as the master copy for static data, distributing this information to other systems as required. Static data—received via feeds from the major vendors—is cleaned and automatically merged with your existing data. This gives you the power to model complex instruments and hierarchical organisations that contain data on calendars, markets, regions, credit ratings and currencies in addition to your own data.

In addition, Inferno gives you the agility to handle classic repos, buy-sell backs and tri-party repos, plus the full range of mid-life events. Inferno calculates interest accrual and cost of carry, integrated with cash bond positions, to give you a day-to-day view of your lent or borrowed positions and P&L, independent of the front office. It also supports integrated collateral management and exposure calculation for trades under GMRA, with instruction of cash and non-cash collateral. Tri-party activity is also supported, with all movements of collateral sent back into Inferno’s trade capture system and stock record.

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