Securities Lending

Firms involved in Securities processing need data and processes in place to manage the borrowing or lending stock, whether to cover delivery obligations that can’t currently be met, to lend stock to improve returns profit-taking matched-book trading activity.

The Torstone Platform’s Stock Borrow Loan module allows Securities Firms to monitor stock available for delivery and lending as well as track stock out on loan that may require a recall. From Stock Borrow/Loan (SBL) booking, fees and rebates calculations, settlements tracking, collaterisation, MTM and reconciliations, the Torstone Platform provides all the post-trade functionality required by a securities firm for its SBL needs.

With real-time integration to CSDs, the Platform acts as the central hub to provide an intraday, up-to-date, consolidated view of a Securities Firm’s SBL business and provide maximum control.


  • Borrow and loan management
  • Repos and buy/sell back
  • Fee and rebate calculation
  • Collaterisation
  • Returns processing
  • Integration with inventory management


  • Real-time overview of SBL activity
  • Intra-day availability of borrowing and collateral requirements
  • Enhanced operational efficiency

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