Regulatory Capital

With Torstone Risk Platform Fundamental Review of Trading (FRTB) solutions, our flexible, scalable approach to Risk Technology is applied to the challenges of FRTB – not just meeting today’s requirements, but providing a platform to meet future changes. The Torstone Risk Platform gives businesses an edge via out-of-the-box regulatory compliance for FRTB capital requirements. Going beyond the tick box of compliance by providing the tools for Risk Management to be more aligned with the business and help make better risk/reward decisions.


A real-time and visual Standardised Approach application to calculate the position-by-position capital charge and show intermediate calculations, allocation of buckets and correlations with dynamic aggregation at any level. Out-of-the-box what-if capabilities to understand and experiment with capital drivers.


For Internal Models Torstone’s Risk Platform builds naturally on proven market data management, scenario generation and distributed calculations – the move to Global Expected Shortfall, with its varying historical date ranges, liquidity horizons and risk class combinations can be configured and executed on massive cloud-based calc farm efficiently. Quickly assess the capital impact and identify the drivers of the capital charge right down to individual portfolios or positions using in-memory cubes. The Torstone Risk Platform provides the tools and transparency for this complex regulatory requirement.

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