Real-time Risk Analysis

Risk data is inherently complex and hierarchical. The Torstone Risk Platform provides a scalable approach to risk data collection, management and dynamic aggregation for analysis. It provides end-users with a robust risk data warehouse for ad-hoc analysis and reporting, using tools they are already familiar with. Providing an analysis capability to answer new questions they haven’t asked before.


State of the art, distributed stream processing that can handle and aggregate thousands of trades per second, from multiple sources. Perform risk calculations and deliver results to end users instantly. Consolidate and monitor all risk controls and limits in real time. Anticipate breaches before they happen. See limits and key metrics ticking in real-time. Delivery of push notifications coming soon. Using modern search indexing, all instrument, position, counterparty and related data is made available for instant search and analytics. For example, instantly see Market and Credit Risk or browse and analyse VaR.


Risk data computed, collected and enriched by Torstone’s Risk Platform is provided to end users for risk reporting via in-memory multidimensional cubes. Risk reporting and interactive analysis can be done via familiar Excel pivot tables, which provides users with native drag-and-drop abilities to answer ad-hoc risk questions instantaneously.

Users can use Excel or other reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI or Reporting Services, Pyramid Analytics, Tableau or QlikView to create interactive high-level dashboards or perform in-depth analysis right down to the most granular level. The OLAP cubes are designed to store as much history as required by the business, with data and dimensions that deliver the analysis needed.

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