Torstone’s robust trade accounting system is fast, flexible, and powerful. You can automate the majority of your trade accounting process while still having access to accounting data when (and how) you need it. Your automated end-of-day processing handles unrealised P&L, daily accrual, FX revaluation and retained earnings. You also get all the standard financial reports, like trial balance, security profit and loss, stock record and hundreds of standardised reports. Trade Accounting (including realised P&L) updates in real time. And for items that can’t be automated, the Manual Journal screen lets you create any journal items you need.



The Torstone Platform gives you a full suite of financial reports in a full double-entry, multi-currency, multi-entity sub-ledger environment. You can automate the bulk of your entries through the Platform’s configurable posting rules, and create manual journals to capture transactions not generated by trades. The Platform’s end-of-day process automatically creates unrealised P&L, accrued interest, reclassification and FX postings without interrupting the processing of trades. Best of all, the data you need at ANY time is available in REAL time. The Platform’s unique balance calculation engine gives you the flexibility to generate reports at any level,for any combination of input and period date. Full drill down functionality from a balance to the transactions is also a standard feature.


The Torstone Platform includes the ability to consolidate P&L from multiple front office systems, apply adjustments, and generate management reports. It can also calculate the “hands off” P&L required to back-test Historical Value at the Risk numbers required for calculating.


The Torstone Platform is powerful enough to be your organisation’s central data repository and act as the master copy for static data, distributing this information to other systems as required. Static data—received via feeds from the major vendors—is cleaned and automatically merged with your existing data. This gives you the power to model complex instruments and hierarchical organisations that contain data on calendars, markets, regions, credit ratings and currencies in addition to your own data.


With Torstone’s Platform, you can provide transaction reporting to Approved Reporting Mechanisms including Unavista and Abide: incoming statuses are recorded against the trade that generated the report. The Torstone Platform also gives you access to a suite of reports with the relevant data to meet capital and liquidity reporting requirements, including Basel III. With Torstone’s Platform, you get hundreds of internal reports right out of the box, enabling Management to analyse and question all aspects of their business.

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