Collateral Management

Whether transacting OTC Derivatives with counterparties under ISDA agreements, processing repo agreements under GMRAs or other similar types of agreements, the Torstone Platform allows you to monitor and manage margin calls and collaterise these effectively to ensure that capital is used efficiently.

The Torstone Platform provides facilities to:

  • Monitor exposures
  • Calculate margin calls and age these
  • Define how margin can be collaterised
  • Instruct the appropriate collaterisation (whether cash, bonds or other assets)
  • Provide haircut valuations.

Operations team can monitor the settlement status of collateral instructions through the Platform’s Settlement module, and income and other events affecting collateral positions can be tracked and processed through the Corporate Actions module.


  • Agreement Management
  • Consolidated Exposure Processing
  • Multi-currency Collateral Handling
  • Daily Margin Management
  • Interest/Accrual Distribution


  • Consolidated view of exposures across business lines and agreements
  • STP to Settlements for real-time view of collateral and exposures
  • Full audit trail of workflow and annotations

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