Asset Classes

Multi-asset Capability

Technology orientated around single asset classes is a significant drag on key operational objectives to improve efficiency and lower costs.

The Torstone Platform has multi-asset post-trade processing at its core, supporting a global set of investment products. Operational users can access functional workflow, financial risk analytics and data sets from the Torstone Platform GUI, allowing the firm to orient its staff around clients and functions without artificial siloes across the following asset classes:

  • Cash equities
  • Cash bonds
  • Repos, Buybacks and Borrow/Loans
  • Funds
  • Warrants, Rights and Convertible Bonds
  • Spot Forward and FX Derivatives
  • Exchange traded derivatives
  • OTC derivatives
  • Credit derivatives
  • Digital Assets including Cryptocurrency

Our cross-asset solution brings efficiency, flexibility and scale while retaining all the
specialisation required for each asset class, bringing the following benefits:

  • Fewer systems
  • Less staff training
  • Smaller IT support requirement
  • Reduced integration points
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Fungibility of resources for cross asset functions
  • Greater flexibility for the operational structure

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