As a Book of Records (BoR) system, the Torstone Platform provides double-entry GAAP-compliant accounting on all activities within the platform such as trade accounting, MtM processes, commissions and fees, and payments processing.

Double entry is delivered through a high volume transaction engine capable of generating dual “as at” and “as of” balances scalable to handling daily transaction postings numbered in the hundreds of millions.

All standard accounting processes to support a securities firm’s needs are offered on the platform, including:

  • Fixed Income Accruals
  • Valuations
  • Realised and Unrealised Profit/Loss
  • Foreign Exchange Revals
  • Book Cost Adjustments
  • Interest/Cost-of-carry Calculations.

With a comprehensive suite of reports and data extracts and APIs for G/Ls and regulatory compliance reporting solutions, the Torstone Platform gives you complete visibility and control over your accounting processes.


  • Multi-entity and multi-currency
  • Interest, fees and charges management
  • Real-time transaction processing
  • Trade accounting
  • Journals
  • Periodic and ad-hoc report generation
  • File and API-based interfaces


  • Streamlined and straight-through accounting reporting
  • Complete integrity and control over accounting records
  • Real-time visibility of critical data including balances and positions
  • Flexible reporting to meet local requirements
  • Improved substantiation to meet internal and regulatory audits

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