Inferno handles the trade capture of the majority of Treasury products, including loans/deposits, stock borrows/loans and their returns, repos and FX, and provides full trade lifecycle workflow event handling. Inferno also provides a number of tools to allow Treasury departments to manage their cash positions and to make best use of their firm’s assets. The cost of holding positions is also calculated and this data can be sent back to front office systems so that traders can see their true P&L, including funding costs.


Securities Finance

Inferno allows users to book stock borrow and loan trades and their associated returns. Both cash and non-cash collateral are handled.  Fees and rebates are calculated and a set of reports provided that allow Operations to ensure the correct amounts are paid and received each month. Inferno also supports CREST stock borrows, creating a stock borrow return automatically.

Inferno handles classic repos, buy-sellbacks and tri-party repos, plus the full range of mid-life events. Interest accrual and cost of carry integrated with cash bond positions are calculated to provide a day-to-day view of lent or borrowed positions and P&L independent of front office. Integrated collateral management and exposure calculation for trades under GMRA is supported with instruction of cash and non-cash collateral. Tri-party activity is supported with all movements of collateral reflected back into Inferno’s trade capture system and stock record.


Inferno will also automatically calculate the cost-of-carry for the business, based on the adjusted positions in the consolidated P&L, and incorporates this cost into the management reports.  These cost-of-carry amounts can be fed back into the trading systems if required.

Delivery and Cash Management

Cash and inventory management screens allow Treasury Operations to monitor and control the settlements process efficiently and effectively.  The screens allow cross-border transfer of securities and provide a real-time view of current positions.