Inferno modules are provided to Buy-Side clients which are targeted to specific business areas.  Both cost of ownership and implementation times are reduced with our modular solution.  Whether you are a Hedge Fund, Asset Manager, Insurance firm, or a service provider to the buy-side such as a Fund Administrator or a Custodian, Inferno post-trade technology can help your business to improve efficiencies and drive down costs.



Inferno provides a full double-entry, multi-currency, sub-ledger environment and generates trial balance, P&L and a full suite of financial reports. Whilst the bulk of entries are automated through configurable posting rules, manual journals can be entered to capture transactions not generated by trades such as fee schedules, investor accounting and general expenses Inferno’s end-of-day process automatically creates unrealised P&L, accrued interest, reclassification and FX postings without interrupting the processing of trades. Our unique balance calculation engine allows reports to be generated at any level and for any combination of input and period date. Full drill down functionality from a balance to the transactions is also a standard feature.

This module provides institutions with full books and records, enabling shadow accounting of the Fund Administrators or Custodian.

This module can be Implemented in a very short-time frame because it has standard integration to third party data sources, this avoids time-consuming workarounds and reduces operational-risk.


Inferno provides three reconciliation engines that have been specifically tailored to the reconciliation of cash, positions and trades. Data is loaded into the reconcilers from in-house systems and third parties such as Prime Brokers and Fund Administrators, the reconciliation engines use configurable rules to automatically match transactions. Any remaining breaks are aged and assigned to users. The user-friendly screens display breaks and allow the recording of any investigations undertaken. Tolerances can be configured for each reconciliation and workflow can be implemented depending on Operation’s needs.

With “already configured industry standard views” and “workflows”, clients benefit quickly in reducing the workload on staff and with a reduction of operational risk.

Corporate Actions

Inferno automatically processes incoming corporate action data and provides a user-friendly event diary and workflow system. Users can review corporate action data from multiple market data vendors to create a golden copy, this can then be applied to the portfolio. This automation helps to reduce the burden on Operations teams because they have much less manual checking to do.

Clients have the choice to take the full module that will provide posting to other downstream systems such as accounting and trading systems.

The hosted service takes a position file from a client over secure FTP, runs the positions against the hosted market data and produces an updated position file that is sent back to the Fund. This is a low cost quick solution that helps semi automate the management of corporate actions, helping Operations’ team make better use of their time critical tasks.

Collateral Management

Leveraging collateral and cash across multiple Prime Brokers and Custodian can be instrumental in improving the % returns and reducing unnecessary fees. Inferno models the terms of a CSA and then uses these terms together with the data about positions and cash to calculate collateral calls and to warn when a call is expected. At any time, a user can generate a collateral calculation, this can be used to proactively protect against a call or better deploy cash and collateral across counterparties for increased returns.

Trade Repository

Inferno TR is available for firms to deal with the increased reporting requirements both for regulators and investors.  The module also provides business owners with a single place where all data can be kept to be able to build and manage reports, without having to rely on Fund Admins, Custodians or Prime brokers.   This means that all of the key data to run your successful business is in one place. Investment and business decisions can be made faster, leveraging the data held.  Investor reporting can be satisfied quickly and without the delay of relying on third parties.

The Inferno TR fits simply into an organisation, collecting the data is simple with adapters to many counter-parties. The interface is intuitive for building and viewing reports, and enables easy distribution.

Regulatory Compliance

MIFID II transaction reporting compliance

Inferno offers a standalone or integrated module to help clients manage their transaction reporting obligations under EMIR, MIFID and MIFID II. Multiple trade feeds can be captured, validated and enriched with static data prior to sending to regulated ARMs such as UnaVista. Exception management, reconciliation, and full audit is captured within a simple user interface.

Inferno also provides a suite of reports containing the relevant data to satisfy capital and liquidity reporting requirements, including more specific market reporting requirements such as those required in Japan.